Working Class Garage update and new things.

Ok guys, so it has been awhile since I posted a blog. I have been back and forth on keeping up with WCG in the past but I have been working on a lot of things in the background over the last month or so. With that being said, be on the lookout for new things coming soon like YouTube videos (a new and very uncomfortable venture for me haha) and some other really cool things that I can’t talk about yet! Make sure you subscribe to my blog and YouTube so that you can get all my updates as they come, and as always follow me on Instagram as that has been my main form of posts and will continue to be one of my main outlets for posts. I also do have a Facebook and Twitter account if you us either one of those platforms!

In addition to all of this, I am going to try and shift the main focus of WCG from automotive work to just any blue-collar, working class trade out there. Automotive type stuff will still be most of what I talk about but I’m just trying to be mindful of all trades and include anyone who has a blue-collar job. My main reason for this is that I want to build a community of hard workers that can be there for each other and help keep each other going. I want WCG to be an outlet for people to talk about the blue-collar world and everything that comes along with it. There really won’t be any noticeable changes and I will continue to mainly talk about automotive type stuff but I just want to keep everyone in mind while reviewing tools or talking about work ethic because that applies to all of us no matter what you’re doing or working on.

So basically here is what you need to take from this: go subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t already (I plan on putting an update video up within a week or two at the longest, still working on getting my video equipment all put together) and also please subscribe to my blog because I am going to be writing a lot of blogs in the near future and I would love for people to read the content. I really appreciate each and every person who has supported WCG so far by following me and being involved in what I am doing. This has already went a lot further than I would have ever thought. So if you want to see some reviews on some really awesome tools and posts about tools, the working class, and anything else that falls in between you’re in the right place!

That is a very quick update of some stuff going on in the WCG world, and a lot more will be rolled out soon! I really appreciate your time, and as always…keep working hard and moving forward, and never let anyone hold you back!

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