Ridgid Brushless 18V Drywall Screw Gun Review

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Ok, this is a little out on my expertise but this tool is really something special and I feel like I need to tell you guys about it. If you do any drywall work, this is for sure something that you should check out because I really think Ridgid did an amazing job on this tool. I am no drywall expert but after putting this tool to work, it really does make a huge difference in the finished product along with saving a ton of time! The model number for the kit I have (which comes with a very nice bag/case, the screwdriver, 2 batteries, a charger, collated attachment, and needed bits) is R86630K and can be picked up here: Ridgid 18v Screwdriver Kit for only $199!

So lets talk about this kit. To start with Ridgid offers a lifetime service agreement if you register your tool within 90 days of purchase. Yes…you read that right, LIFETIME! That is a pretty amazing perk to buying Ridgid tools in my opinion because as long as you register it, they’ll fix it if it breaks. So if you do pick this tool up (or any Ridgid tool for that matter) make sure you register it within 90 days of purchase for the lifetime warranty. If you’re not already sold by the industry’s only lifetime service agreement on this tool, lets talk about some of the really great features it has to offer.


This screwdriver has push-to-drive technology which is basically exactly what it sounds like, you apply pressure on the screw and the motor engages and drives the screw in. This feature allows for minimal noise and maximum runtime by engaging the motor automatically when contacting the work surface, this feature can also be turned off and used like a normal screwdriver. One thing I really liked about the screwdriver is it actually has a separate button to turn on the LED light in the front/bottom of the tool, which is super awesome when you need the light but don’t want to accidentally turn the motor on. This screwdriver also allows you to adjust the depth in which it sets screws by simply turning the nose of the tool, a feature I found extremely useful (and needed) when it comes to drywall. This tool is also brushless which is going to give you over 50% better battery life and motor life!

As mentioned above, this kit comes with a collated attachment which allows the use of collated screws. The attachment can be set in 8 directional positions allowing the collated attachment to be oriented in multiple positions to gain access to tight spots. With this attachment in the kit, its really going to allow you to speed up projects and save a lot of headache. All and all, I think this screwdriver is really awesome and I could actually see myself using it on other things rather than just drywall, especially since you can set the depth that is drives screws.

Now lets look at the rest of the kit. You’re going to get a really nice soft case for this kit, which you can easily store everything inside and keep it nice and safe. It comes with two 2Ah Lithium Ion batteries which will allow you to never be left with a dead battery because you will always have a fully charged one waiting for you on the charger. These batteries do have a charge level indicator on them, which is very useful to have so that you know when they’re getting low (most of the time when Lithium Ion batteries are dead, they’re dead). The batteries also have a nice grippy bottom on them, so thats a huge plus! The charger is very straight forward and has all the charge indicator labels on it so that you can easily identify what is going on with your battery while on the charger. The kit comes with all the needed bits and an adapter, so nothing additional will be needed for you to use this tool right out of the box.


This kit is a no-brainer for me. It is going to make your drywall job so much easier and give you a finish that you can be 100% happy with. And with the huge variety of tools Ridgid has to offer, along with their insane lifetime warranty, I think the Ridgid 18v line is a great option to invest into. For the price ($199) I think you’re getting a great deal for a really top notch tool. I would not be recommending this tool if I didn’t believe it was a great tool because we all work hard for our money and don’t want to throw it away on junk. With that being said, go buy this if you do drywall work/need to do some drywall work around the house, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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