Super handy tools to have around the house.

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As a homeowner, it seems like there is always a new project waiting to get done. From cleaning, to decorating, to building…there is always something to get done. Well today I have some super handy tools that are going to aid it some of these task around the house! If you follow WCG you know that I am very clean and keep my stuff nice…well this translates over to all areas of my life, so the fact that both of these tools are going to help be get stuff perfectly level and perfectly clean makes me a happy camper. We’re going to be checking out the Bosch Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level and the Dremel Versa Cordless Power Cleaner Tool to see what all they can do to aid in your daily projects!

Let’s get right into the Bosch leveling laser. First thing that comes to mind with this tool is hanging stuff, from TV’s to pictures this would be some extremely helpful. One great thing about this tool is how simple it is to use, it has a single button to turn it on and that is about it, just secure it and point it were you want to align something.

Bosch made it super easy to secure this tool by adding a really nice flexible mounting device that can clamp to multiple surfaces, allowing you to clamp this tool almost anywhere to get that perfect position you need. This tool is honestly so simple to use that it almost feels like you’re not doing something right but I assure you that is not the case. Just switch it on and set it up, the tool will automatically level (just make sure you have the tool pretty level itself because it has a pendulum system that may not work right if the tool is somewhat sideways). You can pick this tool up for $79.97 at The Home Depot and it’s going to come with a carrying case (belt mount), the mount, and 2 AA batteries.

For that price I really think you’re getting a great deal, this will make hanging things in your house some much easier and leave you with a way better result. I’m sure there could be a ton of other uses for it as well from building projects to even some arts and crafts type projects, the possibilities are really unlimited.

Alright, now this tool I’m pretty excited about. The Dremel power cleaner, there are so many uses for this tool that I can’t begin to cover Tham all. At first you don’t really realize it but this thing is so useful. Around the house this tool is a lifesaver, from cleaning bath tubs to stove tops, this tool will make a normally time consuming task into a couple minute job. You can even take this thing out of the house and use it on rusted up grills and patio furniture or even clean the wheels on your car.

Before we go on, I’m going to go into what this tool is. It is a hand held scrubbing tool that has a hook and loop system to hold on all of the different accessory pads. This tool comes with 4 pads: An eraser pad (the least abrasive out of the 4, good for light jobs), A non-scratch pad (this would be good for a tougher mess on a surface that you don’t want to scratch or mess up), a bristle pad (this would be perfect for clean car wheels and things that grooves and cracks), and finally the heavy duty pad (this would be good for grinding rust off of metal and heavy cleaning jobs, this will remove a lot of material so be careful!).

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged by a universal micro USB adapter in about 2-hours. This tool has plenty of run time on a full charge and should allow you to get pretty much any project around the house done in a single charge. It can also be used for both wet and dry cleaning and comes with a splash guard, which is super nice when using in a wet setting! This tool is just all around super handy to have, and for $49.97 at The Home Depot you really can’t go wrong. I think you will find some many uses for this and be extremely happy with it…so go buy it!!


So those are my new handy tools for around the house. I think both of them can be great addition to any homeowners tool collection. I know I just keep finding new uses for both of the tools, especially the Dremel power cleaner! As an automotive technician, I can think of a ton of uses for the power clean, its basically a cordless die grinder. If you’re reading this make sure to follow the Garage Blog and also check out my Instagram and YouTube channel! Thanks for your support and hopefully you found these suggestions helpful.

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