RIDGID 12 Gallon 5.0 Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vac Review

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I’ve been wanting and needing a good shop vac for awhile and I think I found the perfect match!

If you’re looking for a great all around vac, look no further. You can check out the Ridgid vac I will be talking about here: https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-12-Gal-5-0-Peak-HP-NXT-Wet-Dry-Vac-HD1200/304006023

The Ridgid 12 gallon 5 HP wet/dry vac is a vac that can tackle mostly any job and comes in at a very affordable price of around $85. Plus, the very first thing I want to mention about this vac is that Ridgid backs it with their lifetime warranty! Yes, a lifetime warranty…that is pretty awesome. So right from the start you get a 12 gallon, 5 HP, lifetime warranty, vac for $85. Pretty awesome deal.

Now lets get into some specs about this vac. It has a 2-1/2 in. hose with a locking system that allows for quick switching between attachments and a secure connection so you don’t have to worry about anything falling off while working. The kit listed in this blog is going to include a 2-1/2 in. x 7 ft. tug a long dual flex locking hose, 2 extension wands, utility nozzle, wet nozzle, car nozzle and a standard filter VF4000 (other types of filters can be purchased separately). If you’re using this vac for a wet clean up you will need to purchase a VF7000 filter (https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-Wet-Application-Foam-Filter-for-5-0-Plus-Gallon-Wet-Dry-Vacs-VF7000/202554976). This vac also features a patented Qwik lock filter that snaps on or off the vac for easy changing without any tools. You’ll also notice the drain at the bottom/front of the vac that will be used on a wet clean up.

This vac has a 15ft power cord so the use of an extension cord might not even be necessary, which is a big plus. The heavy duty side latches keep the drum sealed up tight for a good suction and also double as a convenient carrying option. You can also purchase a VF3502 size A (https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-High-Efficiency-Size-A-Dust-Bags-for-12-gal-to-16-gal-RIDGID-Wet-Dry-Vacs-2-Pack-VF3502/100390230?keyword=VF3502+size+A&semanticToken=222t01000+%3E++st%3A%7Bvf3502+size+a%7D%3Ast+cnn%3A%7B0%3A0%7D+cnb%3A%7B0%3A0%7D+oos%3A%7B0%3A1%7D+rt%3A%7Bvf3502+size%7D%3Art+dln%3A%7B563949%7D+qu%3A%7Bvf3502+size+a%7D%3Aqu) dust collection bag to keep the inside of the drum nice and clean. The hose storage on top of the vac keeps the hose neat and secure when stowing or moving from job to job. This vac can also be used as a blower if you switch the hose from the suction port to the blower port. The blower option could be useful for leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, and many other things.

This is really a great vacuum and I think it could be very useful to anyone from the homeowner to the professional. I know I will be using this a lot in the shop and at home, this will be my go to for vacuuming out the car! For the price ($85) its honestly very hard to beat, plus the lifetime warranty really makes this an amazing product. I have found from experience that you really get what you pay for when it comes to shop vacs. so sure, you could get a $30 vac and it might work alright but if you want something that is going to last and continue to perform; Ridgid is the way to go.

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